Optibeam Savage 12 (307mm) - LED Spot Light with Amber / White Position Light

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Optibeam Savage 12" - 307mm - LED Spot Light with Amber / White Position Light

Choose from Amber or White Streetshine Ambient position light, both colours in the one light - simply just connect the cable of your preferred colour


Brudely powerful Optibeam Savage LED bars. The lighting has 2 brightness levels, full brightness for off-road and work light, and a position that complies with the R112 regulations, approved for on the road.

All Savage models are equipped with the sturdy Streetshine Ambient position lights. You can choose the color of the position light as desired amber or white. The Savage product family consists of light bars and spotlights in different sizes, all equipped with a beautiful Ambient position light. The item is supplied complete with stainless steel brackets for side, rear or bottom mounting, stabilizer bars and connection material.

Optibeam is a Finnish product that stands for optimum performance, reliability and quality. The lamps have been tested in the harsh winter conditions of Scandinavia and Finland, because of their quality the lamps have guarantees of up to 3 years. Optibeam high-quality lamps are perfect for even the most demanding users. Thanks to their excellent price-performance ratio, Optibeam LED lamps have become extremely popular with enthusiasts and professionals alike.



  • Voltage: 9-36V
  • Power: 3.72 A @ 13.7 V
  • Number of LEDs: 4
  • Lumens theoretical: 4,000 lm
  • Lumens measured: 2,840 lm
  • Color temperature: 5700 K
  • Range: 1 lux @ 411 m
  • Dimensions: 307 x 87 x 81 mm (109 incl. brackets)
  • Wire length: 2.2m with 4-pin Deutsch DTP plug
  • Water resistance: IP68
  • Housing: Aluminum
  • Lens: Polycarbonate
  • Brackets: Side and bottom
  • Approvals: ECE R112 and R10


  • Black (-): earth
  • Red (+): spot light (off road)
  • Blue (+) with red: spot light (with E-mark for road use)
  • White (+): white position light
  • Yellow (+): amber position light